Offender Mail

  • Any incoming correspondence sent to inmates/detainees:
    1. Inmates/detainee’s name
    2. Inmate/detainee’s BOC number
    3. Facility name and address
    4. Name and full address of the sender
  • Inmates/detainees will be allowed to send/receive confidential correspondence from:
    1. Attorneys
    2. Territorial agencies regarding child custody proceedings
    3. Territorial and federal judges and courts
    4. Territorial officials appointed by the Governor, including the PREA Coordinator
    5. Territorial and federal elected officials
    6. Officials of a foreign consulate
    7. Verified legal service providers/organizations (e.g., American Civil Liberties Union, Prison Law Office, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, etc.)
  • All incoming general correspondence is subject to being read, in part, or in full, and searched for contraband before it is delivered to the inmate/detainee.
  • Inmates/detainees will be allowed to have money orders or cashier's checks sent to them.It must be made payable to the inmate/detainee. No foreign currency.
  • Incoming special correspondence should be marked “Confidential” and must bear the name and title of a sender.
  • Correspondence promoting illegal activity is strictly prohibited, e.g. publicatios, pictures or illustrations related to riots, escape, terrorism, drugs, weapons or racism .